On Shared Weltanschauung

A community based project where artists live and work with local people. Artists, we believe, always share their vision about life through their artworks. Every time they present their works people can explore certain points of view: their weltanschauung. Other than that, artists throughout their professional carrier build certain method regarding execution of their abstract ideas into concrete form. This too is something that can be shared.

The Jatiwangi Artists in Residence Festival (JARF) invites artists to share their weltanschauung and skills with the people of Jatiwangi. Each participant will be staying with the villagers. This event is a network, a plural festival. The JARF committee has cooperated with some villages in Jatiwangi area. Each village will hold their own festival, organizing the collaboration with JARF participating artists. Artists are the initiators for the village festivals. Artists’ ideas will be a starting point for each village to develop the festival communally.

In a way art is about how to go about it rather than what it is. It is on revealing things rather than the thing itself. Artists always explore the way to present the “it”, the weltanschauung. We hope participating artists more or less start with this: what kind of method you will offer to work with in a distant place, amongst new people, new “family”. Or else, do you have certain views to be shared with them. This “proposal” is a starting point for us—artists, JARF committee, the people of Jatiwangi—to run series of discussions, a process of collaboration that will bring us together when we all are in Jatiwangi.

Heru Hikayat
Curator JARF 2010
Bandung, January 2010



Angga Wedhaswhara (Bandung)

Mella Jaarsma (Yogjakarta)

Nindityo Adipurnomo (Yogjakarta)

Dani Iswardana (Solo)

Nurdian Ihsan (Bandung)

Natas Setiabudi (Bandung)

Handi Hermansyah (Bandung)

Forum Lenteng (Jakarta)

Prilla Tania (Bandung)


Daniel Milan Cabrera (Mexico)

Ghazi AlQudzy (Singapore)

Haidar Affandi (Singapore)

Haseena Abdul Majid (Singapore)

Jacklyn Soo (Singapore)

Jeremy Chu (Singapore)

Indrani Ashe (US)

Kosala Priyam (Sri Lanka)

Len Jittima (Thailand)

Paisan Plienbangchang (Thailand)

Rahmat Haron (Malaysia)

HIroyuki Hukuoka (Japan)


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